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My name is Orna Binder and I welcome you to my Joyfully created abstract and contemporary art while I am passionate about acrylic paints and fluid from tiny details to broad and frenetic brush strokes to any tool I feel like using.
I am passionate about acrylic paints and fluid art creations from tiny details to broad flowing frenetic streams of paint on stretched canvas. I use a variety of tools to manipulate and move the paint around, to different consistency of paint to either make it more fluid or thicker at times.
After a lot of experimental journeys, I have developed my own technique of working with flowing acrylics paint and absolutely fell in love with this way of creativity.

Painting gives me a sense of peace while I express myself and create joyful and colourful works of art feeling cheerful energy.

All of my abstracts artwork includes textured layers all the way from the base of the painting to the top layer.
Finest quality pure cotton canvas of medium texture. Tripled Primed with acrylic and gesso.

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Abstract Artist
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